Song – Waqt Aa Gaya Hai

So again in 2009 Tempostand, came up with “Maa Tujhe Salaam” competition. This time too I sent them the track! but I am kinda surprised! it never appeared in their website. Though they sent me an official confirmation that they have received the track!

Anyways, here is the track for you all.


Its being 62 years that we are calling ourselves “Independent & Free”. But in reality did we achieve our freedom?

Examples like Kargil War, 26/11 still shows marks of fear, pain and tyranny. But now is the time when we need to take oath that we will not remain silent. Words which Pt Nehru gave regarding awakening of a free country, needs to be re-iterated. We need to pledge again. We need to make ourselves free again.. “Waqt Aa Gaya Hai” is a reminder to our country.


raakh ke neeche
shola sulagta hai
gaur se dekho
dhuan bhi uthta hai

saath tha kal jo (mere)
khaak woh uda gaya hai
ab to aag lagegi
haan waqt aa gaya hai

yaaroan, waqt aa gaya hai
phirse, jaagna hai humko
yaaroan, chup chap saho na
phirse, ladna hai humko

waqt aa gaya hai…….

had paar hui hai
sau karod dil dukhe hein
ghaav jo hue hein
ek mouke ko ruke hein

dehshat na hogi (phir)
li hein kasmein sabne
haan waqt aa gaya hai
phirse tutenge na sapne

yaaroan, waqt aa gaya hai…………….

Haq hai yeh tera, ja cheen ke le aa – 2

yaaroan, waqt aa gaya hai…………….

waqt aa gaya hai…….

Arrangment – Vijay Krishna Mysore
Mixing – Anil C J

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