2D Stories & 3D Stories for Infobells

Feel very proud to say, that I’ve been involved in penning short children stories for Infobells (An edutainment company based in bangalore).

Following are the stories penned by me for 3D Stories

– Koel’s Big Egg
– Smart Ants
– Monkey Menace
– Donkey The Singer
– Lazy Hippo
– Thirsty Camel
– Khaghu Vs Kachu
– Three Famous Rats
– The Speaking Tree

Following are the stories penned by me for 2D Stories: (Stories with # symbol are adapted stories with a twist in narration)

– Who stole My Mangoes
– Talkative Rat
– Two Parrots #
– Ant and Grasshopper #
– Helping Engine
– Fruit Picnic
– Intelligent Man
– Two Dogs #
– Smart Elephant #
– Tony The Pony

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